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Cenk Akaltun

Dirimart is delighted to announce Cenk Akaltun’s exhibition Ostensible. Artist’s solo exhibition at Dirimart after two years presents his recent works.

Ostensible refers to the nature and the complicated structure of the matters that form everything that is ostensible. The ancient Greeks believed that everything was comprised of four pure elements—earth, water, air, and fire which could not exist in their pure forms. These elements were also used in describing people's psychology. Hippocrates used the four elements to explain the four humors found in human body. According to this theory, the temperaments and the humors needed to be in balance with each other in order for a person to be well both mentally and physically. Although these ancient theories are no longer valid, it is possible to draw parallels between the four states of the matter agreed by the modern science and the four elements of the matter that were taken as the cornerstone of philosophy, science, and medicine for two hundred years. 

İsimsiz, 2016
Oil on canvas
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Vitraux Ateliers n°1, 2016
Vitraux Ateliers n°1, 2016

Dirimart is pleased to announce MIRROR, an exhibition by Sarkis conceived together by Ceren Erdem. In MIRROR, a space for refractions, proliferations, screams, and silence open as the artist’s timeless works from different periods that mark the time encounter the new works for this exhibition.

Placing the theory of memory at the core of his practice, Sarkis is introducing a layered critical view to today’s social and political issues by inviting various witnesses from the history to the exhibition. The works transform the art’s faculty of bringing the traces of the past to the present into the competence in conjuring up the future through artistic production. A battle scene from the 15th century and the responding lightning provoke the gallery as they transmute into neon installations. In this space, golden rainbows, images of which histories are touched by Kintsugi technique, moments captured and enlightened by stained glasses, spoils of war coated with lipstick convene and live in a mirror. And many photographs witnessing this confrontation integrate with the faces staring at them and reflect our world like a giant mirror